Helping to put the pieces together
Helping to put the pieces together


Sometimes problems are deep rooted and trauma has occurred earlier in our lives. This could be due to family break-up, death, child abuse, sexual abuse, rape or family mental health issues.

The ways we have managed to survive in the world can affect every part of how we are and how we behave with others. Although we survive, this does not mean that we are necessarily happy.

As a result we can have feelings of isolation, of an inability to cope with even the simple things in life. Complex issues may have been caused as a result of the use of drugs, or self harm, in order to manage our feelings.

We may find our relationships are complex and never seem to work. We feel 'different' or 'weird', and long to be like others, to manage living without the weight that we carry.

In these circumstances we need to work at a much deeper level, and it is then that the work can take longer.

Bipolar Disorder

You need to know that your therapist is going to be there to help you through the work. You need to know that the work is not time limited, nhs limited, and that you won't be turned away after a specified number of sessions whether you feel better or not.

Therapy more than once a week supports you when times get tough and you can feel safe that I will be there to help you through possibly the most important restorative piece of work in your life.

Psychotherapy helps with issues such as:
Self Harm
Violent Crime
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Loss of sense of self
Anger and Aggression
Bipolar Disorder
Victims of Torture
amongst others.

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